With Tecnatom

From 1992, to carry out seismic qualification tests of equipment for nuclear power plants.

From 2009, to perform seismic qualification testing of equipment for EDF-owned nuclear power plants

The collaboration with Tecnatom in aspects of consulting and testing of nuclear equipment (of all kinds and not only for EDF), has been revealed as a solid source of activity of Virlab and a key piece for the two companies to more easily address the nuclear market World.

With the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum

Since 2012 Virlab is a partner in the Spanish Nuclear Industry Forum It brings together Spanish companies related to the peaceful uses of nuclear energy, ensuring the integration and coordination of their interests within the highest levels of safety and reliability in the operation of nuclear power plants.

With Airbus

From 2017, to perform seismic qualification testing of equipment for EDF-owned nuclear power plants.

With The Consortium International Omega

Virlab is approved by the Consortium Omega (Temporary grouping of the French companies Axima Concept SA -leader-, ENDEL SAS, INEO Activités Nucléaires et centrales SNC and the German M+W) to carry out the qualification tests against earthquakes and vibrations to be carried out in the project that Omega is awarded by ITER Organization (International Thermonuclear Experimental reactor, involving the European Union, Japan, United States, South Korea, India, Russia and China) and F4E.

This project has a projected duration of 6 years and aims at the design, construction and maintenance of HVAC systems (heating, ventilation and air conditioning), electrical, I&C (instrumentation and control) and gas and liquid networks, for the complex Tokamak and the surrounding buildings.