Wind Power

Since 2002 our laboratory is conducting vibration testing on GAMESA wind turbine mounted equipment, applying the same methodology applied in the railway sector, as described in the European standard EN61373.

To this effect we have a test procedure, prepared by us in collaboration with our client, applicable to any equipment that is going to be installed in a wind turbine that could be applied to its equipment.

In summary, this procedure describes the tests to be carried out from records obtained in the wind turbines, amplified by a coefficient of 6’73, so that in a test of 5 hours of duration is simulated a fatigue in the equipment equivalent to the life of the wind turbine, considered to be 20 years old.

Although, obviously, this fatigue will never be exactly the same as that experienced by the equipment, the test to which the team is subjected is sufficient to detect its weaknesses in order to apply corrective actions, thus giving a Reasonable degree of confidence that, after submitting the equipment to these tests, will not present problems throughout its useful life.