Non Nuclear seismic

We have a long experience in carrying out seismic tests of equipment to be installed in countries with seismic risk, some of whose manufacturers are in Turkey. (Serve as an example the following companies with which we have had business relationships: Ozguney, Schneider-electric TUR, Ardic, Enpro, EAE, Yavuzpano, Gerpaas, Esitas, Adam Power, Aktif, Teksan Generator, Astoras, Ulusoy Elektrik, Sonmez Trafo, Kaltes Elektrik, Makelsan, Siemens TUR)

To this effect we have elaborated a test procedure that refers to the European standard EN60068-3-3 and Turkish seismic code altogether, that we use to test electromechanical equipment to install in Turkey and in Europe. We have also included the code UBC1997, which is referenced in EN60068-3-3 and that also relates it with the magnitude 7 on the Richter scale, if we look at Zone 4, which is what is provided for in the procedure.

We are also experienced in testing regarding American standard IEEE693 and Telcordia.