Our strengths

Own technology and know-how in design of tables and SW of tests.

Assortment/versatility: All kinds of equipment tested of any economic sector.

International presence: more than 60% of the production have a direct relationship with the export. Virlab customers are large companies in each sector.

Testing laboratory accredited by ENAC with accreditation nº 54 / LE131.

Expertise: Virlab has its own testing procedures, established in accordance with international standards and client’s particular requirements.

Integral Service: Customers have to worry about nothing more than to get their equipment in Virlab facilities and collect them after Tests. We design and manufacture tools and supports needed.

Experience: 40 years of continued existence. More than 2400 equipment tested in that period.

Location “European road”, very near France, between San Sebastian and Tolosa, and little more than one hour from Bilbao airport.

Attention/availability: Our staff is adapted to the needs of customers, having established two shifts to serve for 15 hours a day, from 6 to 21 h.

Interaction with clients in solution searching : arise reforms and improvements in equipment, when there are breaks, bringing our experience to improve the products tested.