Who are we?/ Our History

URBAR Ingenieros is an industrial group born as Urbar Ingenieros, S.A in 1948, founded in 1953. Nowadays, it’s built by three companies specialized in two well differentiated fields. On the one hand, the company Urbar Soluciones de Ingeniería and Virlab bases their activity at VIBRATION TECHNOLOGIES. The first one, treasures a wide experience regarding conception and manufacture of vibrating machinery, the second, in regard to vibration and shocks tests and qualifications. In the other hand, in the field of SOLUTIONS FOR WASTE MANAGEMENT you find Metrocompost.

Created in 1976, within URBAR Ingenieros group, VIRLAB develops its activity in the field of tests of vibration of all types of equipment, which is required continue fulfilling the purposes for are designed, in the case that they will be subjected to earthquakes or other types of vibrations.

VIRLAB has its own testing procedures, established in accordance with the requirements applicable to each case, international standards and depending on the customers’ particular requirements.

VIRLAB gives a comprehensive and tailored service to the needs of its customers, without them having to worry about nothing more than to get their equipment to its facilities and collect them after testing. More than 2,600 tests have been conducted at its facilities located in Asteasu (Guipúzcoa), between San Sebastian and Tolosa and just over one hour from Bilbao airport…



Important Milestones in Virlab life

Foundation of URBAR INGENIEROS, first society in SPAIN in the manufacturing of vibratory and vibrating machines, as feeders, conveyors, elevators, screens and so on.

URBAR INGENIEROS designs their first vibration table (mono-axial) to seismically qualify fan coils for Lemoniz Spanish Nuclear Power Plant. Virlab is born.

Virlab designs their first bi-axial table, 2500×2500 mm.

VIRLAB diseña y fabrica su primera mesa biaxial independiente, 2500x2500mm

Virlab is accredited by ENAC: Testing laboratory accredited by ENAC with accreditation nº 54 / LE131

Virlab designs their second bi-axial table,1200×1200 mm.

Virlab Responsible participates as an expert in Vibration Testing in a Workshop organized by IAEA (International Atomic Energy Agency, in Embalse Nuclear Power Plant (Argentina)

Virlab reaches 2,600 tests performed.


Relevant events that have affected the evolution of Virlab

Chernobyl accident.

Italy closes Central four, closing another in 1990.

Freezing the construction of nuclear plants in Spain: Lemóniz I and II, Valdecaballeros I and II and Trillo II.

Fukushima accident.